Range of Services

Heating for all vessels is provided by a combination of hot water and hot oil to provide a comprehensive range of processing temperatures from 50°c to 200°c


Melting out of solids for repacking or formulation
Decanting from and into bulk road tankers
Formulation of solutions in both aqueous and solvent media
Hot and cold blending
High viscosity Z-Blade mixing

Raw materials and finished product can be handled in bulk road tankers, IBC's, drums, kegs and small packs down to 25 litres.


Kibbling / Nibbling
Milling - COARSE AND FINE ( < 20microns )
Blending – LOW SHEAR
- HIGH SHEAR (With or without heat)
Sieving / Screening
Spray Coating
Particle Size Analysis by Laser Diffraction

Raw materials and finished product can be handled in FIBC's, tote bins, valve sacks, stitched sacks, pallet boxes, drums, kegs and small packs down to 1 kilo.

Export containers can be loaded and unloaded.

All process equipment for both liquids and powders is stainless steel and manufacturing operations are carried out to the highest quality standards with accreditation to ISO 9001/2000 pending.

As the range of service that we offer is so diverse, so too is our customer base.
We undertake work for prime manufacturers, distributors and traders with many finished products shipped directly to our customer's customers, avoiding the need for double handling.

Protol Powder Coatings

A company called Protol Powder Coatings Ltd was recently established to service the specific requirements of the powder coatings industry (or similar industries involved with thermoplastic or thermosetting materials).

In the course of routine manufacture, powder paint "fines" are produced which are not acceptable to the spray coaters.

Given the very small particle size of these fines it is extremely difficult to reincorporate them into a product mix for re-extrusion.

Protol has developed and patented a process which converts the fines into a robust granule which can be reincorporated into a formulation blend at high concentrations (up to 100%) and thus suitably reworked with no deterioration of the quality of the coating or the extruder processing efficiency.

This granulation technology has enabled the powder coatings industry to move to a zero waste option by reprocessing its fines and blending off specification and slow moving stock of uniform colour that can then be reworked.



The granulation process can be operated on a batch basis for quantities as low as 100kg or on a continuous plant for large scale recycling.

In addition to the considerable cost savings these processes offer the powder coatings industry, the benefit to the environment of not dumping or incinerating such large quantities of material is substantial.

The development of the "Zero Waste Option" for an entire industry such as powder coatings was a direct result of Protol's flexibility, ingenuity and problem solving capabilities.




In addition to its work on powder coatings, Protol has also developed a novel pelletizing technology which has applications in both the chemicals and plastics sectors.

It enables either a single or fomulated powders to be produced in pellet form for ease of handling or to improve feed characteristics for equipment such as compounding extruders or injection milding machines.



Even fibrous materials such as hemp or recycled carbon fibre cna be pelletized or inlcluded in powder formulations prior to pelletizing.

This now means that polymer free masterbatches can be manufactured in pellet form thus avoiding the need for compounding extrusion.