About us

Protol Comar Limited is a company committed to providing specialist chemical services and contract manufacturing facilities to meet customer's requirements and to offer flexible solutions to their problems. With over 25,000 sq.ft of factory and warehouse space there is ample room for accommodating both large and small production runs.


As a chemical company rather than simply a product handling company we have the expertise to process the more difficult to handle products whether on the grounds of physical form or hazard classification.

Whatever your requirements or problems are - bring them to us.

If the appropriate plant is not available for immediate use, we are always pleased to consider projects which may require more specialist equipment and therefore some capital investment.

Our portfolio of activities includes:

  • Product + Process Development
  • Trial quantities with or without customer involvement
  • One-off contract processing
  • Long term toll manufacture on dedicated or semi-dedicated plant
  • Distressed consignment rescue
  • Process de-bottlenecking

In addition to performing routine contract process operations, Protol specialises in solving customers problems, big or small with utmost confidentiality. We welcome any enquiry and always provide a professional and efficient service of high quality and reliability at an affordable cost.

Industries served include:

Industrial Chemicals
Water Treatment

Chemical Intermediates
Janitorial + Laundry
Pesticides + Rodenticides
Printing Inks

Dyestuff Intermediates
Metal Treatment
Powder Coating